As one of the India's leading manufacturer of sporting goods , sakay trader is committed to delivering consistent and best quality to every buyer it serves. as we look at the challenges of today and the future, it's clear that success relies on our ability to transition into the sustainable economy.

As an own initiative as per our business ethics of corporate responsibility, we have been working for a few decades with many of the non government organisations which includes

1)    bharat vikas parishad ; an NGO with an aim of Swasth- Samarth-Sanskarit Bharat i.e. physically, economically and morally strong India. We are financially supporting about 180 children in this initiative

2)    sports goods foundation of india ; a non profit organisation founded by FIFA.

Our company is actively taking part in csr and is doing the following considering its responsibility towards our society:

1)    Scholarship to needy and deserving children, actively being done under one of bharat vikas parishad's project

2)    Donation of stationery including notebooks, pens and pencils, also done regularly under bharat vikas parishad's project

3)    Checking on child labour in our sports industry, for this we actively donate about 0.04% of our sales revenue to sgfi organisations for funding of this project

4)    Teaching centre/tuition centres for teaching children's of our stitchers, which is completely funded and operated by sakay trader

5)    Free stationery to our tuition centres

These are some of the a few initiatives that are being run presently and we are visioning to add to this soon!

But our vision is clear: to help sakay trader achieve an economy where profit and planet are in balance.